Monitor Any Temperatures, Anywhere

Sometimes, you need to record temperatures in places that are difficult to access. Maybe there’s a piece of equipment where our wireless sensor can’t live full time, or maybe you need to log cooking temps when staff is off site. ComplianceMate add-on equipment has you covered for these special scenarios.

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Image accompanying Infrared Probe

Infrared Probe

Check product temperatures without damaging any packaging. Using an infrared probe, you can record a product’s surface temperature, reliably and wirelessly. Just point the probe at the object and record the temp. The device transmits temperature data directly to ComplianceMate.

RTD Sensor

There are lots of places where you need to monitor temperatures, even places where standard ComplianceMate sensors can’t live. When you need to record temps inside milkshake hoppers, steam table pans, or other locations with space constraints, just use the resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor. It integrates seamlessly with the ComplianceMate system and logs temps automatically.

RTD Sensor

  • Easy-to-use RTD sensor
  • Transmits data to the cloud in real time
  • Records temps where other sensors won’t fit

Image accompanying Smoker Sensor

Smoker Sensor

Monitor cooking activity from a remote location. The smoker sensor is a high-temp device that keeps recording temperatures after staff leave the building. Keep tabs on meat temperatures all throughout the cooking process and receive alerts if something isn’t right. Stop wondering whether you have to throw out the meat when you arrive in the morning – now you can know for sure.

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