Most restaurants use notebooks and clipboards for compliance checklists. We’re here to change that.


We built the ComplianceMate system to address a critical need for proactive food safety initiatives at growing restaurant chains.

Too many hospitality brands operate without a comprehensive temperature monitoring and HACCP compliance system. As a result, they’re putting guests at risk every day. They’re also forfeiting a major opportunity to keep staff accountable, reduce food waste, and maintain brand integrity.

With ComplianceMate, you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope your food is safe and that equipment operates properly – you can know for sure. That’s because the ComplianceMate system:

  • Captures reliable temperature data
  • Eliminates human error from your compliance checklists
  • Ensures compliance with all HACCP and internal standards
  • Sends you real-time notifications when temperatures are out of spec
  • Provides time-stamped temperature data from any cooler or equipment at any store at any time
  • Demonstrates employee accountability and highlights opportunities for training

Through a combination of wireless temperature sensors, mobile technologies, and easy-to-use tools built for the modern kitchen, ComplianceMate gives you total control over food safety and compliance at your stores.

With real-time access to temperature data, you can quickly identify operational deficiencies and prevent food safety mishaps before they occur. You can also make evidence-based decisions about kitchen processes and staff training.

ComplianceMate supports any compliance rules, no matter how complex.

We work with you to incorporate all of your checklists and guidelines into ComplianceMate. The system is fully customizable, and it flexes to meet your brand’s unique compliance challenges. From time & temp checklists to brand-specific standards, there’s no compliance metric that ComplianceMate can’t handle.

No more missing or inaccurate data. No more health inspection anxiety. With ComplianceMate, all of your data is complete and reliable.

And your food is safe for guests to consume.

Getting started is easy.

With cloud-based tools and wireless hardware, it’s easy to get started with ComplianceMate. Contact us today to learn more!