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Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Sensors inside kitchen equipment send temperature data to the cloud.

Real-Time Notifications

Staff receive alerts when equipment is out of spec.

Operational Checklists

Staff complete HACCP and brand-specific checklists using a mobile app.

Data Monitoring and Reporting

Access any data at any time from any web-enabled device.

Meet ComplianceMate

Maintain safe cooler temperatures, all day and every day. With ComplianceMate, wireless sensors monitor temperatures inside any coolers or equipment. Real-time alerts let you know when temperatures rise too high or fall too low. And with easy-to-use, wireless tools for HACCP compliance and operational checklists, you can ensure guest safety and protect your brand.

More About ComplianceMate

Instant Results You Count On

Data Collected
Critical Calls
Corrective Actions

Information Gathering

We incorporate all of your checklists, including time/temp sheets and brand-specific operational checks, into a digital format. This process begins your HACCP compliance initiative.

Environment Analysis

An evaluation of your stores helps us further customize your ComplianceMate experience. No two stores are the same, so all checklists and temperature monitoring equipment match the needs of each location.


Staff use a wireless temperature probe and a tablet with the ComplianceMate app to complete checklists as required. Add wireless sensors anywhere you need them to access automated temperature data.

Data & Insights

View real-time temperature data and checklist updates from any web-enabled device. Pull time-stamped reports on past temperature data over any date range.


Identify critical deficiencies that put your food, your guests, and your brand at risk. Mitigate future risk through corrective action, staff adjustments, or retraining.

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