• Reliable & Consistent temperature data
  • Access information anywhere
  • Improve compliance


  • Make Health Department inspection easier
  • Automate temperature readings in all holding units
  • Digital documentation
  • LoRa sensors perform in the most challenging environments


  • Reduce food waste
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Identify potential equipment failure
  • 24/7 alerting

Standard Equipment and Monitoring Package includes:

Gateway: Ethernet, Power and charging cords; Antennas; (2) Long-Range, Low-Power Temperature Sensors; USB Instructions

Price Includes One Year of Monitoring & Storage

  • 2 Sensor Package $750 $650 for first year.
  • 3 Sensor Package $975 $875 for first year.
  • 4 Sensor Package $1200 $1000 for first year.

Continuous annual monitoring will be required.
Any more than 5 sensors contact us directly.

  • Sensors inside kitchen equipment send temperature data to the cloud 24/7/365 (no drilling required)
  • View Data from any web-enabled device
  • Receive automated alerts by email and/or text in real-time if temperatures go out of range
  • Single Store location with multiple users
  • Maintain HACCP and temperature compliance logs
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Included

Restaurant owners face serious stresses in today’s market: food costs, labor costs, compliance requirements, and more. To save money, reduce labor, and ensure appropriate food safety compliance, owners and operators need to work smarter, not harder. Even with training, workers are often still a weak link in food safety, and the best way to defend against human error and fraud is to remove humans from the process. Automated temperature sensors will automatically log temperatures at regular intervals and generate alerts whenever they fall out of range, with zero human intervention. In turn, that can add thousands of dollars’ worth of labor back into the bottom-line. If you pay an employee $15 an hour to manually check temperatures throughout the day, over the course of a year that equates to an estimated $3,600 spent just to write numbers on paper. Instead, automated temperature logging allows owners to re-focus their workers on higher priority task, confident that temperature compliance is being assured, with the data to prove it, and ready to face your next health inspection, thanks to the ComplianceMate system.

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